Mike Webb profile image Mike Webb 2022-10-19

Welcome. To the space where Bellroy’s crew gets technical. Here, we aim to share some of the ideas, tools and models that drive Bellroy behind the scenes.

When the team at Bellroy first considered starting this blog, we asked ourselves “what should this blog do that The Journal doesn’t?” Bellroy’s mission is to “…help you move through the world with ease and energy. While helping the world, and our crew, flourish”. Part of helping the world and our crew flourish is sharing the challenges and innovations we encounter along the way. And this blog allows us to provide deeper insight into those. We’re committed to helping our people learn, and one of the best ways to learn is by teaching. By having our crew share some of their eureka moments, we hope that it can solidify things for them, as well as help someone else out there solve a problem.

We’re proud of our products and the way we present them to the world. A hell of a lot of deliberate thought and effort goes into this. While our website presents the smooth veneer of the ‘duck above water’, below the water the legs (that is, our team) are working double-time and in all directions to keep things that way. We’re pleased to provide this little window into how Bellroy operates behind the scenes.

We’ve built this blog so that any team at Bellroy can contribute posts, and to start we have a great lineup of technical posts in our schedule. Over the next few months, we’ll publish posts on topics such as:

  • Our software engineering philosophy
  • Our systems architecture
  • Our infrastructure
  • Our machine-led and human-led processes
  • Our approaches to problem solving
  • … and the business drivers behind many of these

We hope you enjoy learning more about how we do what we do - as we continue to explore better ways.

One last technical note - we love functional programming and open-source software. We depend on open-source products and contribute back wherever we can. For this blog, we use Hakyll as our static site generator. We use Nix to manage our development and build environments. The blog repository was seeded using Robert Pearce’s excellent Hakyll + Nix template.